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Cheddar Koi BX2


Genetics: (Big Island Koi S1 x ODB) x Purple Stardawg

Flowering time: 60 to 70 days

Yield: Very high yields

Nutritional wants: Heavy Feeder, can benefit from having a little extra nitrogen in flower.

Humidity Resistance Rating: 7

Flavor: Very intense Lime Skittles and Cheese

Sexual Stability: No intersex observed outdoor/greenhouse *not tested indoor*

This is the pairing that gets talked about the most out my gear and for good reason! Cheddar Koi yields extremely well, looks good, smells great, taste amazing and has a no ceiling type of effect. She handles wet climates much better than most strains do but because of her thick stacking colas the tops can be at risk during extended periods of high humidity and rain. She is so terpy and potent that she can be pulled early and still taste awesome and have strong effects. Take tops if you have too and leave the bottoms to mature as they can handle the wetness! No worries in a drier environment she should have no rott/mold. Grab a pack today and see why she earned a spot in my personal top 10 all time favorite things to grow/smoke! I’m not the only person who fell in love with Cheddar Koi she has found a permanent spot in many folks gardens across the country from the BX1 release.

Cheers to the hunt!

10 Regular SEED’S Per Pack

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