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Topanga Double Dawg


Genetics: (Topanga Legendary Pure Kush x Stardawg) x Purple Stardawg

Flower Time: 60 – 70 days

Yield: High

Nutritional Wants: Heavy feeders

Humidity Rating: 6

Flavor: Candy and Skunky Gas

Sexual Stability: No intersex expressions shown outdoor.

Few late sterile nanners indoor.

Vigorous plants with nice big tops and heavy trichome coverage. Fast Veg time and a decent stretch after onset of flower.

They get a beautiful maroon/purple fade by harvest as long as you have cool night temps to bring out those expressions. These did decent with outdoor test for mold but did better under greenhouse cover. Problem isn’t going to be finding a keeper cut in a pack its gonna be deciding which one to keep. Consistently nice phenos across the board!


Seeds are strictly for novelty and souvenir purposes only. Germination of seeds is strictly limited to countries, states and cities where it is legal to do so.

Matchmaker Genetics accepts no responsibility or liability for any use that does not comply with local, state or federal law.

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