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Reefer Gladness


Genetics: (Dosidos x Stardawg) x Cheddar Koi BX1

Flowering Time: 50-60 days

Yield: Medium/High

Nutritional Wants: Heavy feeder

Humidity Rating: 6

Flavor: Lime Skittles, Cheddar and Dough

Sexual Stability: No intersex traits outdoor/not tested indoor

Unique flavor combos on the these and very medicinal effects too! They do really well under greenhouse cover and outside some phenos handled well and some didn’t.  About a 50/50 split. Expect medium large plants with vigorous growth especially after onset of flower. They will get a nice fade as long as you have cool nights to bring out those expressions. I have a feeling these would be good for a hash maker because the trim bin was full of some beautiful full melt after trimming only a few


Seeds are strictly for novelty and souvenir purposes only. Germination of seeds is strictly limited to countries, states and cities where it is legal to do so.

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